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Natural Earth Building

Members of the rural communities use earth to construct buildings but most often these buildings do not last. The energy, time and scarce resources used in raising temporary structures which collapse either on their own or as a result of rain and wind washing them down is wasted.

Inexpensive user friendly building materials for erecting durable houses in rural communities is extremely necessary for inhabitants of remote parts of the country. The poor can not afford the present day predominant approach of building that use high cost materials such as cement and various mixtures of which only the wealthy of society can easily afford.

Alternative materials can be acquired from the earth. However the technology needed for conversion earth to solid building blocks is lacking in rural areas. Rural dwellers need to be taught this technology either through formal education or by observation of demonstration by trained technicians.

The technology received through CAMI will result in permanent accommodation for the villagers which gives room for financial resources to be directed to education and adequate feeding of children and higher standards of living.

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