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The Need  For CAMI Projects In Nigeria

Importance Of Medicinal Plants Farms To Health

Much of Nigeria's ethnically diverse population rely on unproven advice from religious leaders and are susceptible to predatory marketing practices. Skeptical medical treatments are rampant in Nigeria, in fact TV ads promoting miracle cures for HIV were recently banned by the Nigerian government.  Some Nigerian pastors ask people to rely on prayer rather than  treatment.

Of the 140 million people living in Nigeria, three million are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS, but only 10 per cent of those needing anti-retroviral treatments are receiving it according to ActionAids.

Given Nigeria’s shortage of available pharmaceuticles and the inclination of the indigenous peoples to seek out and use traditional medicines, CAMI has a real opportunity to educate and provide low-cost, accessible, evidence-based traditional medicines. 

Importance Of The Availability Of Solar Energy

High production costs in Nigeria result in poor public provision of electricity. For the past eight years, the Nigerian government has been grappling with the power supply problem, without making progress. Which explains why Nigeria remains a very huge and bristling market to generator manufacturers.  By 1994, only about 35.5 per cent of all households in the country had access to public electricity, by 1997, about 59 per cent had no access to any form of electricity.

Rather than improvement, the matrix of efficiency is dropping steadily. Less than 3,000 megawatts is being shared among the 150 million people of the country connected to the grid.  Experts have affirmed that it takes $1 billion to build a power plant that can generate 1000 MW. Much of the country does not have regular power supply and the ones that do are often interrupted which ranges from hours to days and even  months without electricity.

Importance Of Alternative Methods Of Building Shelter

Adequate housing encompasses more than just the four walls of a room and a roof over one's head. Housing is essential for normal healthy living.

China, the Democratic People Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea and Vietnam have fully integrated TM into their health care systems, many countries are yet to collect and integrate standardized evidence on this type of health care.