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Medicinal Plant Farms

The level of poverty among African nations has made the availability of less expensive sources of health care imperative. For centuries, traditional healers have been the major custodians of health care in African societies.

These TM practitioners (known as Dibias in eastern Nigeria) still hold sway in delivering health care to the over 80% of the people in the rural areas, practicing techniques handed down from ancestral lineage. The use of medicinal plants in the treatment of ailments, ranging from acute to chronic, is abundant Nigeria.

A recurring problem facing African traditional medicinal practice and the global TM practice is the low number of  scientific data supporting its noted efficacy. Another issue is the guarding of ingredients used in treatments. The only way to ensure that knowledge of medicinal plants and its used are preserved is to promote its use by all. 

CAMI's objective is to promote the cultivation and use of safe effective medicinal plants within the communities we assist. In doing so, we hope to increase access to health care and support traditional medicine as a safe, cost effective medicine that can complement modern health care practices.

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