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PROJECT 2: Solar Energy

For those of us living in parts of the world with constant electricity, it may be difficult to imagine the problems that arises from the inconsistency of electricity powering light sources. 

Without electricity productivity suffers and leads to poverty on various levels. In universities all over Africa students are reading by candle light as they do most activities when the sun goes down.

Converting solar energy to electricity via photo voltaic cells is an exciting scientific discovery. Using solar power is less damaging to the environment than burning fossil fuels to generate power. Increasing the use of solar electric power will reduce negative human imprints in our environment.

Interest in West Africa is increasing as solar-powered street lamps are being installed by the government along on a small number of roads. Some who are wealthy enough have them in their homes.

CAMI is concerned with making solar energy available to the average person with programs that teach solar panel construction. This reduces the cost of purchasing panels and creates jobs.

We can all set up solar panels and use the power generated. It is simply a matter of access to materials, most of which can be obtained from local stores, and showing people how to construct the panels.

Compared to other alternative sources of power, solar has unmatched portability and thus flexible. The sun shines everywhere and solar power must be a key energy source as the world moves towards a more sustainable and cleaner way of meeting energy demands.

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